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By Ryan Rudd -- Black College Wire   

Due to recent violations and counts of misconduct, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. has made the decision to ban all of The Eta Gamma chapter of Prairie View A&M University's activities until 2012, with a probationary period extending to 2014.

The Eta Gamma Chapter of PVAMU was recently placed under sanctions by Alpha Phi Alpha for conducting and participating in inappropriate acts which violate federal laws surrounding hazing.ImageAccording to members of Eta Gamma's graduate chapter, Epsilon Tau Lambda, Eta Gamma began an unauthorized induction process in early September 2009, in which prospective members were escorted to designated places outside of the campus. Once they arrived, they forced prospects to do a variety of inappropriate acts, including physical, mental, and financial abuse which all constitute hazing.

"The fraternity does not condone any activities that would impede any student's personal or academic success at the university," said Frederick V. Roberts, assistant director for Career and Outreach Services and Vice President of the Epsilon Tau Lambda graduate chapter of Prairie View A&M University.

The Organization Review Board (ORB) summoned Eta Gamma in October 2009, as they ran their investigation on the fraternity's participation in the induction process. Although all allegations were denied at that time, the board then continued their investigation after a phone call they received from a concerned parent. According to sources, the parent called in a complaint alleging that her son had complained of bruises on his body as a result of taking part in an unauthorized induction process that was being carried out by the chapter.

Shortly after completing their investigation, the ORB presented the evidence to Southwestern Regional Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Roderick Smothers. From that point, Smothers and his staff ran an additional investigation, before eventually making their decision.

The terms of the sanction include The Eta Gamma chapter not being able to bear letters of the organization, host any activities as part of the organization, or conduct any induction processes. However, the members of the chapter are allowed to participate in leadership and membership workshops and activities.

Roberts and other concerned members of the fraternity's alumni chapter have recently filed for appeal of the sanctions placed on Eta Gamma.

Ryan Rudd writes for The Panther, the Prairie View A&M University student newspaper, which originally published this article.

Posted Jan. 23, 2010
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