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By Jevonya Hughes -- Black College Wire   

A secret donor recently awarded Norfolk State University a useful donation during a time of economic downturn -- $3.5 million, the largest donation in NSU's history. During last month's Board of Visitors' meeting, NSU President Carolyn Meyers announced that the university had received two donations from an anonymous donor.

NSU president Myers
"We have no idea who gave that money, but we have a lot of people taking credit for it,"  Meyers joked at a recent meeting.

A total of  $3 million has been designated to provide financial assistance for NSU students. The second gift of $500,000 will assist the institution in meeting its priorities in areas such as faculty support, research and equipment.

"I love the fact that someone donated to the university, because NSU can use that money for so much. The donor should be honored that they gave; they should not want to be kept anonymous," said sophomore music education major Anthony Moody.

The $3 million gift designated for financial assistance will enhance the quality components of the University's mission. Meyers noted that about 90 percent of NSU students rely on financial aid.

The $500,000 will be used for long term and immediate use for initiatives that will support NSU faculty.

"We want to make the donor proud to invest in us," said Meyers.

She also said that there is a possibility we could get more money from this donor, but she didn't elaborate.

"I think it's good that NSU received such a big gift, but I think that some of it should go towards a new dorm. A lot of new students are coming in, and there isn't anywhere for them to go," said sociology major Radiance Scott.

In a recent blog post, Sharon Hoggard, NSU's interim executive director of Communication and Marketing wrote, "Thank you for believing in higher education. Thank you for saying to NSU officials and the world -- your mission is sound and the education you provide is of a high-quality worthy of this investment."

Jevonya Hughes writes for The Spartan Echo, the Norfolk State University student newspaper, which originally published this article.

Posted Apr. 09, 2009
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