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By Victoria Brinkley -- Black College Wire   

The Davey L. Whitney HPER Complex was filled with anxious bodies recently, as artists Young Jeezy and Trey Songz put on a show, the 2008 Spring Concert, sponsored by Student Activities and the Student Government Association.

Unlike last year, outside guests were allowed to attend the April 9 event.

"This year's concert will be better because the public is allowed to come," said Zelda Cole, who is the Director of Student Activities. "We are a communiversity, and we are very excited to have guests."

Mickey Page/Campus Chronicle
Young Jeezy

The concert kicked off shortly after 7 p.m. to a crowd of only about 200 students and guests, but  the audience grew quickly to reach a packed house, as act after act came onstage accompanied as needed by DJ J-Laang.

As Alcorn's own Jaymall performed with Kels, the evening's first power outage occurred at approximately 7:37 p.m. The lights went out in the New Gym but were were quickly fixed by 7:40.

Meanwhile, Jaymall's act was put on hold, and J-Lang kept the crowd quiet. Students did not know how to accept the power outage, but there were no riots or confusion during this short period of time.

After the quick fix, the show went on as planned, bringing act after act on stage to sing and/or rap. Exactly an hour later, the lights went out again! At this point, some students were getting annoyed, but some were relieved, as this had been this group's second time on stage. The crowd began to get restless for the main acts, and they came right on time.
But the power problems weren't over.

Mickey Page/Campus Chronicle
Trey Songz

Trey Songz took the stage, with zest, giving the crowd a show they would never forget. However, once again, the power, including the microphones, the speakers, and the mixer board, went out at exactly 9:48, which was an hour following the last outage. This time, the crowd was in shock, but not in as much as Songz was.

He uttered obscene comments but continued to entertain.

His manager came and explained the problem, and he finished his job. The outage really shook him, and it was visible when he got off stage, as he gave the media and a few fans a hard time after the show. He angrily put fans out of the room until he was ready to face the public.

He later admitted that he was very frustrated about the situation, especially after having had a long day, including the drive here. "I was happy to be accepted, though," he said. This was not Songz's first visit to an HBCU, but he had never been to Mississippi before. "You have very beautiful women!" He added.

Young Jeezy's performance could be described in one word: Hot! He rendered every song he recorded, as well as remixes and verses from other hits. He really knew how to work a crowd, as a true entertainer would. The audience was hyped by his performance as well. His attitude toward the campus media could also be described in one word: Garbage.

Jeezy truly proved himself as "the snowman" as he gave a cold shoulder to any campus media personality he saw. He even went so far as to refuse to enter the building if anyone was standing in the hall. He also declined all interviews after the concert.

He was, however, gracious enough to take a few pictures with the fans who were boisterous enough to get into his room.

Overall, the spring concert was a success. If you came for a show, that is exactly what you got.

 Victoria Brinkley writes for The Campus Chronicle, the Alcorn State University student newspaper, which originally published a version of this article.

Posted Apr. 24, 2008
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