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By Melisa Brown - Black College Wire   

For Brittany Wilson of Tennessee State University, any dream can become reality.

Photo credit: Courtesy Brittany Wilson/the Meter
Brittany Wilson, student entrepreneur and designer of a line of fashion bras, models one of her signature designs.

Over the summer, Wilson's childhood dream came true.

On Aug. 25, Wilson, a junior accounting major from Clearwater, Fla., held her first fashion show to showcase and promote her own clothing line, Britache'.

"I am beaming with joy right now," Wilson said. "It has always been my dream to own my own clothing line, and I am so happy that it is finally coming true.

"In my first fashion show, I had nine special ladies that I will always hold close to my heart because without them, my fashion show would not heave been possible," she added.

Tempestt Finch, a junior elementary education major from Saginaw, Mich., was one of the models in Wilson's fashion show. She said she enjoyed the experience and loved the fact that Wilson took a chance on her and the others.

"She had young women in her fashion show that you normally would not see on a runway," Finch said.


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"Now don't get me wrong, we were all beautiful ladies, but most of us did not have any modeling experience, but she still worked with us and taught us."

Wilson said Britache' currently carries designer bras, an idea that came to her while wearing one of her creative designs in Nashville's Green Hills mall.

"I was at the mall doing a little shopping, and I noticed these two young ladies staring at me," said Wilson. "After a few minutes, the girls' mother came up to me and told me how much she and her girls loved my outfit.

"At the time, I was actually wearing one of my designer bras," she added. "She asked me if I had a business card, and I gave one to her, and a few days later she called and asked if I could make six of my designer bras for her. They were my first customers."

Sybol Haskins, a junior elementary education major from Clearwater, said, "I remember when I first saw Brittany, she was wearing the coolest outfit I had ever seen. I noticed her designer bra and thought it was so pretty and different.

"My mom surprised me and had her to make one for me; I wore it out this summer. I cannot wait to see what new ideas she comes up with," she added.

Britache' carries sizes from an A cup all the way up, priced from $50 up to $250.

"I cater to all people in all shapes and sizes," said Wilson. "I do not discriminate. If a person wants to wear it and has the confidence, then I will make it to fit their bodies, because all women are beautiful regardless of what size, color, shape . . . they are in.

"That is why I love that show 'Monique's F.A.T. Chance,' because she has women on her show that are different shapes and sizes, but they always look so beautiful."

Janiqua Owens, a senior nursing major from Lexington, Ky., said she noticed Wilson's clothing line while browsing through profiles on

"I thought that she made swimsuits," Owens said. "But, when I contacted her I found out that yes, she does make swimsuits, but what I was actually looking at on Facebook was a designer bra."

Owens said she was planning to buy her sister a swimsuit for a trip to Miami, but decided on one of Wilson's bras instead.

"I thought it would be something cute that she could wear on the beach underneath a net top," Owens said. "This way, she could still be covered and be dressed for the beach. She absolutely loved it."

Through word of mouth and Internet-savvy customers such as Owens, Wilson said the brand was expanding every day, and she was looking forward to the next show.

Britache' is expanding to swimwear, dresses and a jewelry line. Since her fashion show in August, Wilson said she has taken in more than $4,000 in sales revenue.

"I am really excited about this new project," said Wilson. "I have been working day in and day out trying to ensure that my next project is as successful."

"I have so many different things going on right now, like my magazine entitled Fashion Spice Magazine, which will be out in February or March, and I am working on a men's clothing line, Atanomine, that will be out in June or July."

Wilson said her company is the result of a vision God gave her at an early age, when she cut up shirts and hot-glued items to them.

When starting her company, she said, she opted not to take out loans. Instead, she realized her dream using her life savings, a $5,000 investment from her mother and careful budgeting.

"So my advice to those out there with a dream is simply do it," she said. "It does not matter how old or young you are. If you have the vision, go after it and make it your reality, because it will come true.

"I just did it. I used the tools and creativity that God gave me and went after my dream."

Melisa Brown, a student at Tennessee State University, writes for the Meter.

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