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By Aasiya Townsell - Black College Wire   

Door knocker earrings on the dance floor and on the mic, rap has birthed these ladies with attitudes using house music as their tool for sound.

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When you think of explicit female rappers, automatically Lil' Kim, Eve, Khia, and Remy Ma comes to mind but now more female rappers such as Amanda Blank, Santogold, Bunny Rabbit, Plastic Little and Illvia are making their presence in the club world with their savvy lyrics.

Philly-born Amanda Blank collaborates with Spank Rock, who was featured in Fader, a music lifestyle magazine for his lyrical content and on-going energy.

She collaborated with M.I.A. on her own track "Take it easy" and was featured on Britney Spears' Blackout album single "Gimme More." Amanda Blank now has a single out with Alexxxchange called "Get it Now." She is also a member of a group called Sweatheart.

Santi White, known as Santogold, who, according to Rolling Stone," attended private school in Philly, has club bangers such as "Creator" and has collaborated with Spank Rock, along with Illvia.

These "Femcees" use the mic as a vessel for creative free speech, of a woman's wants and desires.

Rap has always been edgy in the music scene and these ladies pull it off with their candy colored kicks and neon spandex, showing more of a electrified side of rap. Dirty rap never looked so fresh.

So what's so special about these ladies? Not only are the art and music magazines featuring them, their music and performances are spreading through the club world, diversifying the club culture with their eclectic taste in sound, word flow and clothes! With more sounds of techno to a hip-hop beat guarantees one to break a sweat off of every track.

Electronic dance is becoming more of a popular movement in the hip-hop world and the key sound for female rappers that are making noise right now.

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Aasiya Townsell is a student at North Carolina A&T University. A version of this article originally appeared in the A&T Register.

Posted Jan. 16, 2008

Posted Jan. 17, 2008
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