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By April Stubbs -- Black College Wire   

The world of professional women's sports has produced a long line of achievers. Since its popularity spike in recent decades, but to whom much is given, much is required and WNBA star Lisa Leslie is living up to her responsibility.

Leslie was on the campus of Clark Atlanta University promoting and signing her new book "Don't Let the Lipstick Fool You," a personal memoir meant to inspire girls to set goals and lead successful lives.

Chelsea Fountain/CAU Panther
Lisa Leslie (left), student Brittney Barnes
"I want it to be an example; sometimes you reach them (goals) and sometimes you may not," Leslie said. The basketball star said that her advice to those aspiring to be successful "number one is to stay prayerful, because everything that I've been able to achieve and get through has always started with prayer.

Secondly is to always write down your goals and execute a plan. It may not always turn out the way you want it, but it is important to just stay focused and make sacrifices early to reap benefits later."

Despite the changes she's making in her life, Leslie said she is very proud of her athletic accomplishments. As the record holder for scoring 101 points in one half, the soft spoken, 6'4" Olympian said it feels good to have such an achievement under her belt.

"It's an awesome accomplishment to score that many points in 16 minutes. But sometimes I feel bad too, for the other girls who are adults now who have to tell that story," she added giggling.

Gracing the CAU bookstore with her husband and 17-month-old daughter, Leslie also explained why her 2008 Olympic gold medal would in fact be her last.

"I think for me, it's important to go out on top, one, and two, I have a husband and a baby and it's important for me to give them time also, so I feel like with my baby, if I keep playing there's so much more that I have to do and that takes away from her years where she can be starting gymnastics and piano lessons and her education so I thought, you know, that I am willing to sacrifice my career for my family and children."

Leslie and her family also stopped by CAU's public radio station, 91.9 WCLK Jazz before her book signing. "We did some promotions for people to call in and donate money so that the radio station can be funded. I thought it was great because it really helps give back to the community and whatever people donated was also tax deductible, which was important."

Before leaving, Leslie left a few words of wisdom for players and coaches looking to create a winning team. "It's important to take the lead and organize their team.

One of my suggestions would be to look online and find a workout they like and print it out and make copies for the whole team. I would tell coaches that it's important to come out of the blocks in shape. It's not about quantity of time, it's about quality."

Lisa Leslie's book can be found online and in bookstores nation wide.

April Stubbs writes for the CAU Panther, the Clark Atlanta University student newspaper, which originally published this article.

Posted Nov. 15, 2008
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