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By Darryl Hawkins -- Black College Wire   

Google frequently visits the AUC to raise awareness about business ventures and work experience opportunities for students. Morehouse College senior Kenneth Williams has reaped the rewards after his work as an intern for much of his college career.

Google’s Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development Diversity (BOLD) internship focuses on providing students with exposure to the technology industry, because they are underrepresented.

The Maroon Tiger
Kenneth Williams
The program consists of an 11-week paid internship, professional developmental workshops and fun social activities. Along with working for a manager, interns are partnered with a “Googler” or mentor that guides them through the summer internship program.

Williams, an economics major and Spanish minor was first introduced to the internship opportunity in 2009 during his sophomore year when Google hosted a workshop informing students about their company. Google also held interviews on campus to get to know the internship candidates better.

After waiting a few weeks, Williams was contacted by a representative informing him that he was selected to be a BOLD intern. The Google internship allowed him to work in various divisions including direct client sales, advertisement and social media products for New Account Management.

“Google is changing so fast that you have to be comfortable with ambiguity,” Williams said.

During his two summers working for Google, Williams was given the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland and collaborate with other interns at Google’s European Headquarters on innovative ideas involving YouTube.

Williams said that the opportunities Google afforded him exposed him to young individuals who were very diverse.

“I met a girl who was featured on Oprah talking about a foundation she has and a guy who was a nationally recognized poet,” Williams said.

Williams encourages anyone who is interested in Google’s internship opportunities to first focus on grades and, most importantly, find their true passion.

Williams follows his passion by managing his non-profit organization, The Next Generation Scholarship Program, which assists students in successfully locating funding for their education. The program teaches students how to appeal to scholarship committees, assist them with editing their scholarship essays and much more. His program has helped students at Atlanta colleges and universities receive over $35,000 in outside scholarships, and the organization itself has raised over $13,000 in scholarship funding.

Katelin Todhunter-Gerberg, a member of The Global Communications team at Google, expressed how much of a valuable asset Williams has been to Google and how important it is for other Morehouse students to apply for the internship opportunities.

“He is truly making an impact on his peers and colleagues both in the U.S. and abroad,” Gerberg said. “People are our most valuable resource; we have faith that smart people, given the necessary resources, can run with an idea to success.”

Gerberg also said that Google is always looking for people with the right mix of talent and enthusiasm and who are excited to take on challenges in a variety of different areas.

For more information on the internship program and other career opportunities visit

For information on The Next Generation Scholarship Program email them at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Darryl Hawkins is features editor of The Maroon Tiger, the Morehouse College student newspaper, which originally published this article.

Posted Sep. 30, 2011
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