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By Kelcie McCrae -- Black College Wire   

North Carolina A&T Student Government Association President Christian Robinson is taking a cue from famed U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt, by starting his own version of Roosevelt’s fireside chats.

Starting [Sept. 29], Robinson will deliver his state of the campus address on North Carolina A&T’s radio station WNAA 90.1, which mirrors Roosevelt’s radio chats in the 1930s.

Reggie Cherry/The Register
Christian Robinson
“I wanted to do something different,” said Robinson. “And we wanted to help make 90.1 more student-friendly. It’s already doing a lot for the students, but you can never do too much for them.”

Slotted for 10 a.m., this was the first time a president has used the radio station for student government purposes since Fall 2008, according to program and music director D. Cherie Lofton. She says that not only is it good for the students, but also it is good for the community.

“Sometimes the community wants to know what the students are doing,” she said. “This is a fine opportunity for them to hear it for themselves.”

According to Robinson, recent presidents have held their student addresses at campus venues such as Memorial Student Union, the cafeteria, and a variety of other locations. Robinson says that hosting the event in those places did not reach a large enough audience as he hopes his method will.

“They’ve tried many other places on campus, and there has been an okay response and an okay crowd,” he said. “I figured a lot of people listen to the radio, and maybe I can share information to a wider audience and out into the community.”

Members from Robinson’s executive board say they are excited about his new venture to the airwaves.

“I was very excited when I heard about it,” said student government secretary Whitney Walker. “It’s a good idea and its going to bring awareness to SGA as well as give students I a better feel for the Robinson administration.”

The campus radio station, which is housed in Crosby Hall, reaches a listenership 50 miles outside of Greensboro. It also has an Internet station where listeners can tune in all day, as well as an HD2 station. Students, alumni, and the community make much of the listeners for WNAA.

“We’ve really tapped into our resources,” Robinson said. “This is a student-run radio station, and we wanted to use them.”

Loftin says she was all for Robinson’s desire to change venues.

“Here students can hear what their president wants to do,” she said. “Not just in the paper, not just on Twitter or Facebook, but also on the radio.”

Robinson says he will be addressing his administration’s plans and goals for the remainder of the school year. He also goes on to stress the importance of the campus getting to know what he and his executive board members are responsible for.

“We really are emphasizing true governance this year instead of programming as much as in the past,” he said. “We really are fighting for our students, and we want A&T to rise above the ranks."

Kelcie McCrae writes for The Register, the North Carolina A&T University student newspaper, which originally published this article.

Posted Oct. 01, 2011
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