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By Collegian Staff   

South Carolina State's student newspaper, The Collegian, earned the honor of being in the top three college newspapers in the under-5,000 division from the South Carolina Press Association. 

Francis Marion University's Newspaper, The Patriot, took the top spot in that category, and the University of South Carolina's Daily Gamecock was the winner in the over-5,000 category.

The Collegian
Dervedia Thomas
Newspapers were judged according to content and design in 2009 and separated into two categories based on student population/circulation [over 5,000 and under 5,000].

Two Collegian staff members also received awards for their work.

Former Editor in Chief of The Collegian, Dervedia Thomas, who also won first place for news in 2008, won first place for her editorials on President Obama's victory, a controversial sex toy advertisement in The Collegian and the white Miss Hampton whose appointment caused a stir at several HBCUs. Thomas also won third place in the news category for the article "Alphas told to Cease and Desist," which was published in March 2009.

In addition to Thomas, popular relationship columnist Lorpu Cooper won third place for her weekly column titled "Ask Lorpu."

Both students were elated at the win.

"I was very surprised that we were third in the best overall newspaper category," Thomas said. "Especially since none of us are journalism majors and most of the the other newspapers come from their journalism departments. I was also very happy about the other awards because they will look really good on my resume."

Cooper, who is also the yearbook editor, said she was very excited when she heard about the award.

"When I joined student media and decided to write for The Collegian, I was just a person who enjoyed giving advice and helping people," she said. "I did not realize that I could be recognized for it, so to be awarded is really a blessing."

Cooper is a senior psychology major who will be graduating on May 7. After graduation she will be interning at popular Radio Station, HOT 107.9FM in Atlanta, that her column in The Collegian helped her to get. Cooper explained that she was told about intern positions at the radio station and submitted copies of the newspapers to her new employers. "They just saw me as this little girl," she added. "But when they read my column they were surprised and very impressed, and I got the job."

The award-winning columnist says she recommends joining The Collegian to anyone so that they can improve their writing skills, meet new people and have more doors open to them.

"Ask Lorpu" is a column available in print and online that tackles candid relationship problems every week including cheating boyfriends/girlfriends, commitment issues and other issues affecting college dating.

Claflin University also received several awards, two of which were for subjects pertaining to SC State University. Articles, "Are Bulldogs Claflin's Team too?" and "Inside the Life of James Brown," won top honors for sports and entertainment respectively. Claflin also won awards in the layout, news and editorial categories.

This article by The Collegian staff was originally published in The Collegian, the S.C. State University student newspaper.


Posted Aug. 15, 2010
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