Weight Watchers, Avoid the "Freshman 15"
By Denise Black - Black College Wire   
Lifestyle changes in new environment lead to extra pounds.(11/26/2006)
Coach Takes TV Show's $265,000 Deal
By Lavonte Young - Black College Wire   
Tracee Jones of Tennessee State appears on "Deal or No Deal."(11/09/2006)
Living with Lupus, One Day at a Time
By Candice Mitchell - Black College Wire   
Two students determined to live normal, enjoyable lives(11/09/2006)
All FAMU Sports in Compliance with NCAA
By Akeem Anderson - Black College Wire   
Athletic director says development is "man bites dog" story(10/15/2006)
A&T Probes Possible Tennis Violations
By {{Darrick Ignasiak - Black College Wire

A mentoring program for young tennis players at North Ca   

University self-reports mentoring problem to NCAA(09/24/2006)
Southern's "Human Jukebox" Adds 22 Women
By Lisa East - Black College Wire   
Marching band was long considered all-male(09/10/2006)
2007 Summer Interns (Multimedia)
By Owner   
Black College Wire and the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute initiated a program this spring to train 13 college students for summer internships in multimedia journalism.(06/14/2006)
How J-Programs Can Pass Accreditation
Four HBCUs can take advantage of their second chance.(05/25/2006)
New Coach, Given Second Chance, Sees Turnaround at Morgan in 3 Years
By Austin Ward and Jessica Harris - Black College Wire   
Todd Bozeman returns to game after eight-year ban.(05/21/2006)
Jackson State Finds Ineligible Players, Quits SWAC Tournament
Baseball coach relieved of duties(05/10/2006)
An Enforcer Can't Be Everyone's Friend
By Brandi Worley - Black College Wire   
Southern University's Deborah Paul keeps Athletics Department in compliance.(04/23/2006)
Evacuee Earns Team's Gratitude: "Give Him a Shirt!"
Katrina survivor boosts Southern U. players(04/09/2006)
New York Times Institute Class of 2005
By Owner   
Here's of the Class of 2005. If you are an aspiring journalist, you have a unique opportunity in New Orleans to learn about covering an important story right where it's happening. The 2006 New York Times Student Journalism Institute will be held May 13 through 27 in collaboration with Dillard University.(01/20/2006)
2004 Excellence in Journalism Winners
By Owner   
The Black College Communication Association today announced the winners of the 2004 HBCU "Excellence in Journalism" Student Newspaper Contest.(02/07/2005)
BCCA Logo Contest
By Owner   
Cover To Cover
By Owner   
Cover to Cover: An Inside Look @ Magazine Publishing, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 8, 2003 at Howard University, Blackburn Center, Forum.(03/05/2003)
Iraq News Package
By Owner   
Black College Wire is interested in running a package on college perspectives on the possible war with Iraq and we'd like input from as many black college campuses as possible.(03/03/2003)
Journalism Opportunities
By Owner   
Find out what opportunities are available to college students to advance their journalism studies and experience. A list of internships, fellowships, scholarships and directories.(01/23/2003)
What is fashion #1?
By Carla Aaron-Lopez - NCCU Staff Writer   
Fashion is an everyday thing. Just check out the students at North Carolina Central University.(10/01/2002)
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